Illinois State Police

North Central Narcotics Task Force

The North Central Narcotics Task Force (NCNTF) is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement task force dedicated to serving our communities & member agencies through the investigation of illicit drug trafficking and distribution, gang activity, and weapon offenses within Kane County, McHenry County, and DeKalb County, Illinois.


The NCNTF has full-time offices in Kane and McHenry counties, which have a combined population of approximately 900,000 residents, and collectively are served by three sheriff’s departments and more than 50 municipal police departments.  The NCNTF receives direct support from its member agencies through the assignment of a full-time sworn police officer to the Task Force, along with the use of patrol services, investigators, canine officers, and tactical teams.  The NCNTF also receives support from each of the counties' State's Attorney's Office.


The NCNTF often works with other drug task forces, metropolitan enforcement groups (MEG), and with law enforcement officers from federal, state, county, and municipal agencies from around the state to combat illicit drugs, gangs, and weapons in our communities.

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